Neighbourhood Watch

The idea of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is to encourage everyone to be a little more savvy about crime and to take steps if they believe criminal activity is likely. Of course, in a genuine emergency you should phone 999 or, if there is no great urgency then you can phone 101 to contact the police. By being watchful and more aware we may make our parish a more crime free zone. The police will support us in this by supplying regular information on crime and how to take steps to avoid it happening to us.

Within the parish we already have a band of volunteers who have undertaken to provide assistance to their fellow parishoners in the event of any sort of emergency. These people form the core of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and will receive all the material passed on by the police. Selected items relevant to the parish will be added to the website and possibly to the parish newsletter from time to time.

The scheme I administer covers Benhall and Sternfield and is a Police approved scheme. Residents of Silverlace Green and Benhall Low Street are covered by a separate scheme.

Chris Durrant

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Benhall & Sternfield

01728 602334

Crime Prevention