What's Happening?

The scheme started with a village meeting on Wednesday 12th November 2014 at which 22 households in the parish came forward to volunteer to help their community in a time of crisis. Since that time the scheme coordinators have continued to recruit and we now have 40 households on the list spread from Sternfield to the far end of Benhall Low Street. From those 40 we have secured the agreement of a number of people who will be the 1st response volunteer(s) for their particular part of the parish. They have agreed to their contact numbers being published and the list appears in the link 'Who Do I Call?'. They will liaise with other volunteers as necessary.

A small Emergency Manual went to every household during February 2015 which contains useful advice and phone numbers together with the list of 1st response volunteers. A copy of the manual has also been passed to the Community Resilience team at Suffolk Coastal who will liaise with the scheme coordinators on any widespread issues affecting us.

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