What is it?

The idea of a Parish Emergency Plan is that we should have thought about how we can help each other in our community before disaster strikes rather than be faced with responding to an event with no clear idea of how to go about it.

Here are examples to think about

What Are Emergencies?

  • Loss of Electricity supply for more than 12 hours (say).
  • Loss of water supply for more than 12 hours (say).
  • Loss of telephone service for more than 12 hours (say) for vulnerable people.
  • Roads blocked by fallen trees
  • Roads blocked by deep snow
  • Severe flooding to low lying houses
  • Accidental fire/water damage to a vulnerable person's house
  • Theft of heating oil from a vulnerable person resulting in no heating

Who Needs Help?

  • People who are not sufficiently mobile due to age or infirmity
  • Disabled people living alone
  • People with a severe chronic illness who need regular care/medication eg dialysis
  • Single parents with very small children

What Could be Done to Help?

Volunteers/neighbours offering the following services:

  • Checking on people to ascertain if they are ok and if they need anything.
  • Clear away fallen trees using chainsaws, tractors etc.
  • Clear deep snow/open up the road using shovels and tractors
  • Temporary loan of portable heating/lighting
  • Cook an extra portion for someone who needs a hot meal.
  • Boil up some water for someone without
  • Coordinate with the local authority/NHS etc when their action is required.
  • Maintain a list of farmers and other useful people prepared to help especially where they have power tools, 4WD vehicles etc.
  • Have a ‘pop-up' coordination centre offering advice & help - could be a place such as the Club or just one or more phone numbers.
  • Loan of mobile phones
  • Collect prescriptions
  • Maintain a list of doctors/paramedics living locally

This list is not exhaustive but it's a start and forms the basis on which we constructed our plan.

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